Nursing Schools in Arizona: Information & Resources

Tips & Information For Finding and Attending Nursing Schools in Arizona

Students looking at the nursing field will find great nursing schools in Arizona. For those considering a career in the health profession, the prospects in Arizona look quite good over the next two decades. The overall population of the US is growing older and moving to western states like Arizona, the need for nurses has expanded along with it.

There are over 20 certified nursing schools in Arizona, each of them provide a solid educational base in order to pass the national exam required for becoming an RN or Registered nurse. While many nursing programs offer a two-year degree allowing a student to become an RN, a four-year or Bachelor’s degree is generally recommended. Students who graduate with a bachelors degree generally find work faster and and career advancement easier.

Requirements for Attending Nursing Schools in Arizona

Arizona is no exception to most states as the road to becoming a RN begins with getting a high school diploma or the GED equivalent. A good grade point average or GPA is helpful as well since this may influence being accepted into certain nursing schools. Passing one of the two required college entrance exams, commonly known as the SAT or ACT is the next step to being accepted at a college or university. An exceptionally high score on the SAT or ACT can lead to potential scholarships or grants to help offset tuition costs or even allow to the student to skip or “CLEP” certain courses.

Nursing Schools in ArizonaSelecting one of the good nursing schools in Arizona to attend is the next step. Graduates can expect to be hired for a highly desired position if they come from a highly recognized nursing institution. The freshman and sophomore years are generally consumed with passing the required basic courses and establishing as high a grade point average as possible.

The Best Nursing Schools in Arizona

To find the top accredited nursing schools in Arizona means looking at those universities that have achieved a very high national ranking. The basis for national rankings is the percentage of nursing students who pass the required national exam to become RNs. The higher the ranking, the better the chances you receive the education needed to become a Registered Nurse. The Arizona State University tops the list of the top 25 best nursing schools in the nation. The University of Arizona in Tucson is not far behind as it just makes the top 50.

As the number of nursing jobs are expected to rise over the next two decades in Arizona, the chances of landing a desirable nursing job look good. Given the aging population of the US and Arizona’s growth in retirees moving there, nursing homes and assisted living communities are popping up almost on a daily basis. Such facilities will need good, qualified RNs for staff.

How Much do Nursing Schools in AZ Cost?

Tuition costs of nursing programs in Arizona do vary considerably, but most students will pay an average of $8,000 to $11,000 per year, again depending on which nursing school the student is attending. Tuition in Arizona is slightly higher than the average compared to the rest of the states. However, some of the schools have highly specialized programs that are more likely to help in garnering a high paying nursing job.

Work, student loans or scholarships and grants are the three basic methods of paying tuition costs at nursing schools. Working has the advantages of avoiding financial aid applications and costs altogether, but the burdens of balancing work, school, and home life can be daunting. Most students will take out loans to pay for tuition costs as they are relatively easy to get, but paying them back can be high, especially considering the interest rates and will take a considerable amount out of a nurse’s paycheck for years to come. Scholarships and grants are the easiest methods for paying tuition costs. However, these are only available to those who qualify and are selected. They offer the best way to cover tuition costs without the need to payback or the burden of working. However, there is a lot of competition for scholarships and grants, a student’s GPA, college entrance exam scores, and how they meet the other requirements is a must.

Online Arizona Nursing Schools

For those considering getting their nursing education online, the University of Phoenix is a national, and popular, university offering online courses. This can provide a good alternative for those who may not be able to leave home. Most of the top nursing schools in Arizona also offer some of their courses online. There are benefits for those attending in state nursing programs such as enhanced job placement programs. If you are a local, you have an edge over someone who will need to be transplanted.

In conclusion, attending one of the best nursing schools in Arizona can provide a strong, healthy career path for those seeking employment in the health profession.