Discover The Average Nursing Salary in Arizona

Often times, people who are considering a career in the health profession look at nursing salaries in Arizona as an incentive. The nursing salary in Arizona has positive and negative implications when comparing it to other states, but for those who live in Arizona, they must also take into account the working hours, cost of living, and advancement opportunities.

For those considering becoming an RN or Registered Nurse, especially those who complete a four-year or Bachelor’s Degree, the prospects look good for advancement and specialization in a particular field. Students who have only earned a two-year or Associate’s Degree will generally need to achieve the Bachelor’s degree before making any significant career advancement.

Starting Nursing Salary in Arizona

Nursing Salary in ArizonaThe starting pay for nurse salaries in Arizona is around $25 per hour, depending on location within the state. This beginning nursing salary in Arizona is somewhat lower than other states like California, Illinois, and New York, but comparable to the rest of the US. Urban, highly populated areas like Phoenix will generally pay more than a rural, small town location. Other factors include if the nurse begins in a private practice, nursing home facility or other specialized area instead of a hospital or clinic.

An experienced RN will have an overall average salary of $69,000 per year, which is about the national average. It should be noted that the general trend for salaries in nursing has not increased much over the past few years. However, opportunities for nursing jobs in Arizona are increasing daily, and when economic factors change, the salaries should rise accordingly.

While nurses’ salaries in Arizona meet the national average, continuing the education process is another means of increasing the take home pay. An Advanced Practical Nurse makes over $90,000 per year which is a strong incentive to obtain a higher degree.  You can also specializing in certain fields, such as anesthesiology which will boost your pay.

Nursing Salary in Arizona: How Many Hours do Nurses Work?

Arizona nurses work hours per week is similar to what most do across the US. A standard 12 hour shift, 3 days a week which makes for 36 hours and boosted by benefits will elevate that number to 40. There are a number of factors that can increase the number of hours an employee works. Most often the “census”, or the amount of patients that need to be cared for, has risen. Because of this, many employees are working an extra shift or two per week, meaning that a nurse could pull in 60 hours or more if needed. There are state and federal laws governing the amount of overtime a nurse can be required to work. However, these laws are subject to “emergency” situations, such as a natural disaster, where the hours can be extended.

For those who are considering entering the health profession getting an education from one of the top nursing schools in Arizona is the first step. While the nursing salary in Arizona is comparable to most other states, advancement opportunities look to be great over the next 20 years.  This is especially true for nurses who specializes in a desired field and continue to advances their education level.

Tips & Advice For Landing Nursing Jobs in Arizona

The aging population of the US is the driving force behind the expansion of the health care profession.  With many families moving from the northeast to the south and southwestern states, the prospects for nursing jobs in Arizona have grown considerably over the past decade. Moreover, Arizona nursing jobs will continue to expand over the next two decades as the “baby boomer” population, the single largest age group in the US is reaching retirement age.

Nursing Jobs in ArizonaNursing jobs in Arizona offers nurses the opportunity to enjoy an annual salary comparable to most states in the US. Plus the explosion of nursing homes and assisted living facilities means the opportunities will continue to expand in the future. Higher salaries are almost always found in heavily populated areas such as Phoenix or Tucson, while more rural areas of the state will have more job opportunities, albeit at a lower rate of pay.

Required Education For Nursing Jobs in Arizona

If you are interested in becoming an RN, or Registered Nurse, it all starts with getting the right education, preferably at one of the many top nursing schools in Arizona. Start by earning your high school diploma or GED, passing the college entrance exams such as the ACT or SAT, and earning the highest grade point average possible. After taking part in a nursing education program the last thing you will need to do is pass the national exam required to become an RN.

One aspect that will assist nursing students to earn an even higher starting salary is to stay in nursing school until the full four years or Bachelor’s degree is earned. This will mean staying two extra years, but the benefits include a higher rate of pay, more opportunities to be hired and better career advancement opportunities.

Attending a nursing school with a high national ranking, such as the Arizona State University, is another factor in finding a better job opportunity. Specializing in a particular field, such as pediatrics, can be very useful in getting hired at facilities that specialize in a particular area, such as children’s hospitals.

Being Flexible Will Bring More Nursing Jobs in Arizona

Since nursing jobs in Arizona are spread out all over the state you need to be able to relocate if the job opportunities are scarce in your area. Although the pay is lower, there are many job openings in Arizona’s more rural areas. While a small town might not be the setting for your dream nursing job, the experience gained in rural positions can lead to an edge when seeking another job in densely populated urban regions such as Flagstaff or Phoenix.

As with most professions, the best way to land the right nursing job begins with fully filling out the application, including any additional experience you might have. When being interviewed, be sure to answer all of their questions, also asking any questions that you may have. Always be courteous, polite and prompt with your answers and sell yourself along with your skill set.

In conclusion, finding nursing jobs in Arizona shouldn’t be difficult if you have the right education. The more difficult task is finding the right location and right salary for your needs.  Those who put in the effort, are willing to relocate, and gain valuable experience in other nursing fields can end up with some of the most desirable AZ nursing jobs.

Nursing Scholarships in Arizona

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