Nursing Scholarships in Arizona

Nursing scholarships in Arizona are very popular among students looking for extended education opportunities. High tuition costs are the #1 barrier that deter many students from pursuing secondary education in the nursing field. Fortunately, there are several scholarships for nursing schools in Arizona available if you know where to look and how to apply for them.

Scholarships for nursing students in Arizona are one way to help offset part, if not all education costs. Almost all nursing scholarships in Arizona have qualifiers; some are rather easy to meet, while some are more difficult to meet. Besides the obvious education benefits, receiving a scholarship can also help you land a desirable nursing job. Employers are always looking for the best and brightest nurses for their positions.

Benefits of Nursing Scholarships in Arizona

Nursing Scholarships in ArizonaOther methods of funding your way through nursing school are work and student loans. Working through college is perhaps the oldest method of paying tuition cost and it has the benefit of the “pay as you go” method, meaning no loans to pay back or scholarship qualifications to meet. However, balancing work, school, and home life can be a real challenge and may be beyond many students.

Students getting loans means that they will be burdened by the high pay back costs that will take years to pay off. Arizona does offer student loan “forgiveness” for nurses, which cuts out a big part of the loan payback, but to qualify they will have to work within the state for a certain amount of time, usually ranging from one to four years. For those willing to stay in Arizona, this can be an effective way to cover tuition costs.

Types of Nursing Scholarships in Arizona

Nursing scholarships in Arizona come in four basic varieties. “Need based” which is determinate by the financial situation of the student. “Student specific” is generally aimed at minority students, with other factors involved. “Career specific” is granted to students in a particular field of study, such as nursing. Also, “merit based” is usually based on academic performance, such as high grade point or college entrance exam scores.

All students looking to obtain nursing scholarships in Arizona should go to the Office of Financial Aid first and fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA first, which is a normal requirement for most scholarships. Afterwards, the Financial Aid office usually has all scholarships listed with basic requirements.

One of the most popular nursing scholarships in Arizona is the state Nurses Foundation, which gives awards from $500 to $2,500 per year depending on whether the student is seeking an Associate’s Degree, BSN, MSN or a doctoral degree for RNs.

Landing scholarships will start by first filling out the application form fully, adding in any additional information that may apply. If there is an interview process, dress appropriately and be fully prepared to answer questions to the best of your abilities. Committees are searching for candidates that best represent the scholarship award.

Nursing scholarships in Arizona are the best way to offset tuition costs, add prestige to the resume, and motivate students to achieve higher grade point averages. By getting to know your nursing school’s financial aid office, applying for all available grants and filling out clean application forms you can maximize your chances of receiving scholarship money.

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